World’s First Beauty Creator DAO

The Future Is GORJS

Imagine a metaverse where beauty is defined not by genetic traits or physical characteristics but by the imagination and creativity of those who choose to build it.

Meet GORJS™—the world’s first beauty creator DAO inviting a community of web3 creators, 3D artists, and beauty makers to create the future of digital beauty. Through the application of decentralized governance, GORJS will empower the community to shape the future direction of the DAO with their work, their ideas, and their votes.

GORJS Membership.

Secure your spot as one of the first 1,000 GORJS members by minting a FKWME NFT. Intended for web3 enthusiasts, you’ll get early access to governance and participating-artist NFT collections!

The GORJS Discord.

Join the community now for all announcements, including details about the FKWME Pass Allowlist.

The GORJS Rules.

As a DAO, GORJS is an incubator for web3 creators. Governed by the community, for the community. Learn more about it here.

Featuring Artwork By






Through their art and unique vision, creators are shaping what beauty means in the metaverse, and we think that deserves the support, amplification, and power of a community that shares this passion. So join GORJS—the first beauty DAO single-mindedly focused on supporting the artistic vision of beauty and self expression in web3.


Hand-selected by the GORJS Founding Team for their unique expertise, visual territory, and global impact on the 3D avatar community, the pioneering Team Alpha will push the boundaries of digital beauty with GORJS’ genesis NFT collection, kickstarting Season 1 of the DAO. More news on that coming soon!

Maxime Hacquard

Maxime Hacquard


Aurora Achille

Aurora Achille


Robert Lazar

Robert Lazar


Terry Gates

Terry Gates


Jonathan Plesel

Jonathan Plesel


Thomas Ntamtsios

Thomas Ntamtsios


Thibault Zeller

Thibault Zeller


Curry Tian

Curry Tian


Bloo Woods

Bloo Woods


And more...

And more...



The FKWME Pass is a limited NFT collection made for anyone interested in joining the community and supporting GORJS creators. FKWME Pass holders will be among the first official GORJS members and can expect to receive several rewards for ownership, from token-yielding for DAO participation to airdrops.

Advisory Team

With a diverse blend of web2 and web3 backgrounds and extensive industry expertise, each GORJS Advisory Team member brings a unique perspective and set of skills that will serve to advise the Founding Team on strategy & operational excellence, help form key partnerships, and generally provide value for DAO holders as a whole. Want to join the Advisory Team? Get in touch!

Sebastien Borget

Sebastien Borget

Co-Founder, The Sandbox

Timmu Tõke

Timmu Tõke

CEO, Ready Player Me

Amber Ward

Amber Ward

Co-Founder, Invisible North

Evelyn Mora

Evelyn Mora

Founder, Digital Village

Brian Trunzo

Brian Trunzo

Metaverse Lead, Polygon Labs

Ashley Smith

Ashley Smith

Web3 Specialist, Daz 3D

Shira Lazar

Shira Lazar

Web3 Specialist and CEO, What’s Trending

And more...

And more...





JUNE 2022

A passionate team of web3 enthusiasts, technologists, and beauty fanatics come together to conceptualize and begin building GORJS.



JAN 2023

Stay up-to-date with the latest FKWME NFT mintlist and general sale details, GORJS announcements, and more!


Creator Recruitment and Onboarding

JAN 2023



FEB 2023

Token-yielding NFT drop as first point of entry into GORJS membership for early access and rewards.


GORJS Genesis Drop


Season 1 kicks off with the genesis NFT collection by GORJS’ inaugural team of creators and FKWME Pass holders unlocking initial rewards.




DAO MVP build for FKWME Pass and genesis NFT holders to be introduced to GORJS member portal in preparation for Season 2 DAO functionalities.




Fully developed creator submission system coupled with token voting, airdrop, allowlist, and NFT project launch mechanisms.




Continual maintenance to expand GORJS functionalities, including creator tools development and user governance proposal systems.


What is GORJS?

GORJS is the world’s first decentralized autonomous organization (“DAO”) focused on fostering the development of the 3D artist community and its evolving approach to makeup in the metaverse. Developed by the NYX Professional Makeup brand of L’Oreal USA, Inc., and deployed on the Ethereum blockchain, GORJS will help to redefine what beauty will be in the metaverse and lead the cultural conversation as it relates to the values of diversity, inclusivity, and accessibility.

What are the Mission & Vision of GORJS?

GORJS serves to develop a decentralized incubator for the next generation of digital creators. As a DAO, GORJS fosters the idea that creative expression should not be limited to a select group of stakeholders, establishing a digital foundation for global creators and artists.

What is a DAO?

A decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) is an emerging blockchain-based organizational structure. With no central governing body, every member within a DAO typically shares a common goal and attempts to act in the best interest of the entity. Popularized through cryptocurrency enthusiasts and blockchain technology, DAOs are used to make decisions in a bottoms-up management approach.

How do I get GORJS tokens?

You will receive GORJS tokens when you mint a FKWME Pass - FKWME Passes automatically generate a daily yield of 4 tokens per day. Holders can also receive tokens when minting artist NFTs funded and developed within the DAO - GORJS-affiliated artist NFTs yield an estimated average of 1 token per day.

How can I trade my GORJS tokens?

Token transfer and trading will not be available at the launch of the DAO. The Founding Team will actively monitor and allow transfer and trading of tokens based on metrics that exhibit the level of decentralization (e.g., unique ownership, widespread adoption metrics, and active participation in the DAO mechanisms). The Founding Team will assess these metrics after one year of the DAO’s existence to explore the possibility of allowing token trading.

What are the uses of GORJS tokens?

  • GORJS tokens are not an investment. They confer no monetary or economic benefits and under no circumstances are tokens able to be exchanged for any L’Oreal equities, securities, or currency. GORJS tokens are exclusively used for DAO governance, owned in-part by the NYX Professional Makeup brand. Within DAO governance cases, tokens can be used for the following purposes:
    • 1. Voting on artist submissions
    • 2. Reserving mintlist spots for the minting of participating creators’ NFTs

How and when can I claim my tokens?

The tokens will be claimable on our website! Please go to the 'Claim Tokens' tab and connect your wallet to see if you have any tokens to claim.

What does the GORJS token allocation look like?

  • This is the breakdown of the token distribution:
    • - 40% to Community
    • - 18% to the Creators
    • - 2% to Artist Token Referrals
    • - 10% to the Founding Team
    • - 10% to the Advisory
    • - 20% to the Reserve of the DAO

How many GORJS tokens are there in total?

The total supply of GORJS tokens is 100,000,000.

As a creator, how can I submit project proposals?

During an open proposal period, all artists across the globe are encouraged to participate in the DAO and submit proposals through the template form. GORJS leaves it up to the community to decide which creative projects are ultimately chosen to be funded and publicly released. Creators do not need to use tokens to submit project proposals.

How is the GORJS team selecting Artists?

Artist selection is based on a series of criteria including, style, following, sales history and more. The DAO is looking to draw in all types of 3D creators willing to tackle the question 'What is Beuty in the Metaverse'. If that sounds like something you would like to do, you can apply within the Discord.

Who are the artists involved with the GORJS DAO?

Artist announcements will come out soon! Please make sure you keep an eye out on the #Announcement channel in the GORJS Discord for all updates regarding artist reveals!

How can I help the GORJS DAO if I am not a creator?

You can go to our #get-involved channel in the GORJS Discord and reply to see how you can help the DAO in other ways. If everything works out, we will let you know what the next steps are!

What does FKWME stand for?

FKWME stands for "F*ck With Me", which is a casual phrase used when you want others to share the same vision as you. In the same way, we want everyone who buys the FKWME Pass to share the same vision in redefining beauty in the Metaverse.

How much is the FKWME Pass?

The FKWME Pass is 0.19ETH.

What is the utility of the FKWME Pass?

FKWME Pass holders can expect to receive multiple airdrops throughout the lifespan of the GORJS DAO! The holders of the FKWME Pass are the only ones who can receive airdrops of artist NFTs! Holders will be eligible to receive one NFT airdrop per each Season’s collection. (A GORJS Season’s collection refers to all approved and funded projects that are minted in a respective quarter.)

What happens to my tokens if I sell my FKWME Pass?

If you were to transfer or sell the FKWME Pass, you will keep all the tokens that were given to you until the date of the transfer. However, you will not receive any additional tokens beyond the point of the sale or transfer.

How many artist airdrops can I get?

We envision providing around 12 airdrops to the FKWME Pass holders over a period of 3 years - around 1 airdropped NFT per quarter - and each airdrop will be available based on a per project basis!

Where will the minting of artist NFTs happen?

As we partner with OpenSea, the minting will occur on the OpenSea's homepage! We will be utilizing the OpenSea's exclusive primary minting tool to bring the best experience to our community!